Strengthen Cognitive Ability More Powerfully With SpikeBoarding

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Gretchen Reynolds wrote a very interesting article in the NYT last week: “Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport.”
I have run in several OCR events, the Hood to Coast relay and a half-marathon in Jamestown, RI. It is interesting to think about the idea that high-level runners (especially as pace and intensity increase) are not allowing their minds to wander or become distracted and, instead, are focusing their attention on technique and sensory systems. And that this ability to focus may be strengthening their cognitive abilities.
As the first SUSOIX certified SpikeBoarding coach in the world, I believe that if running is the “thinking person’s sport” then SpikeBoarding is the Albert Einstein of sports. Why? In SpikeBoarding there is no active process necessary to focus on the movements and prevent the mind from wandering. The sport demands your undivided attention whether you are going 50 miles over the bridge and back or just into town to run an errand. The sport naturally focuses you.
Imagine a sport that is FUN and delivers strength, endurance, balance, core AND bi-lateral limb development all while transporting you from point A to point B! SpikeBoarding can be aerobic or anaerobic exercise, a workout for your upper body and/or lower body, and the answer to successful aging. Have you ever gone on a run that seemed to last forever or was just boring? Running at a high level may increase cognitive abilities but the majority of us are not out setting records. From day 1, hour 1, minute 1 and second 1 of SpikeBoarding you will be using your brian like you never have before. I am exactly 228 days in to SpikeBoarding. Each day, from the moment I leave to the moment I return I’m thinking about properly executing whichever of the 10 different board positions I am in, calculating obstacles ahead and maintaining upper body technique.┬áLastly, mastering the new brain-stimulating sport of SpikeBoarding means mastering the ability to stay within your comfort zone and perform safely. The more you practice the bigger your comfort zone will get and you’ll be amazed what you are able to do!

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