Coach Dan Bowen

I was born in NYC, raised in Westchester, NY and have been living in the New York City metro area for the past 15 years. I played and loved every field sport growing up. Hockey, rock climbing, soccer, wrestling, skiing and golf are some of my favorites. After attending Trinity Pawling (HS) and Lafayette College I found my schedule allowed for rock climbing in a gym 2-3 days a week and playing pickup roller hockey on the weekend. I was satisfied with this physical output and in good shape, or so I thought! In 2015 I was introduced to the concept of Transport Sports for working out and commuting. Transport Sports are sports that can be performed at a professional level but also used to move yourself from point A to point B. Some examples include cycling, inline skating, SpikeBoarding, switch-kick skateboarding, roller skiing and SUP. After years of riding the subway, buses, ubers and taxis I learned how to properly ride a bicycle, dedicated to roller skiing, and became the first SUSOIX certified SpikeBoarding coach in the world. These days I simply choose which Transport Sport to leave the house with, and the thought of public transportation rarely comes to mind. My carbon footprint is next to nothing, my happiness has gone through the roof and I’ve never been more fit!! If you would like to learn these Transport Sports and/or rock climbing and hockey please contact me directly. My goal as your coach will be to get your skills and knowledge to the point where you may build your own adventure every single day from your doorstep.

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